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2008 Ends at the Aquarium

First at the Museum

Winter Garden

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve Lightsaber Battle

Santa is Watching You

Medals and Happy Holidays!

Garden House Gifts

Christmas Walk

Max's Transit Museum

The Outtakes

Cold Sesame

Piano Lessons

Class Trip!

Zach's Second Second Birthday Party

Zach's First Second Birthday Party

Swimmingly Spooky Halloween

Max's Birthday Extravaganza Continues

Max's Second Seventh Birthday Party

Max's Seventh Birthday

A Beary Nice Costume

Max's First Seventh Birthday Party

Doug's Blazing Halloween Party

Transit Museum


Deja Vu

Return to Tom Sawyer's Island

First Family says "Boo to You"

Hello Disney

Flying Out!

Picking on the Apples

Karate Kid 0: Alyssa's Laser 1

Singing with Laurie

Going Dutch

Payola for Crayola

Gearing up for Garden

Dalton First at First

Birthday Cupcakes for Mommy

Scary Pirates

The Two Headed Monster

Pooling our Adventures

Another Crab Friend

Making a Splash

All on the Table

Double Hole Day


Chocolate Goodness

A "Normal" Hole

The Tidal Pit

Yay! The Beach!

Sesame Triplets

Open the Gate!

Bonus Sesame Day

Good Habits


Jekyll & Hyde's Piano

Tent City

Hello Ariel, Hello Kitty, Hello Orange

Water Taxi Waterfalls

4 Friends for the 4th

Buzz Buzz Buzz

See you later!


We're Back!

Orange Reflections

Tigers and Elephants

Buzz Buzz

Gold Medal Girl

Garden House Graduation

Max's Kindergarten Graduation

Snack by the Water

Swinging with the Sycamores

First in the Garden

The Fair Swimmers

Basketball Party

The Ball Pit's Back

River Biking


Alyssa's Frog Party

Classroom Party

Alyssa's Pirate Party

Timon and Rafiki

Tumbling Pirates

Three Drivers, No Passengers

A Special Easter in the Park

First Family


The Downpour

Animal Kingdom

Prince and Princess

A Magic St. Patrick's Day

The First Act

The Magic Begins

Frosting Face

Swimming with Donuts

100 Days of Kindergarten

Top of the Mountain

Slipping, Sliding and Skiing

Body Painting

Run Away, Run Away

The Volcano

French Drawings

Pizzas and Letters A: Part II

Pizzas and Letters A: Part I

Dance, Reading and Stinky Faces

Wrestled into Position

Bench Seating