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Botanical Garden Trains

Trains and Zoo Lights

Christmas 2007

Christmas Eve Trains


Gingerbread Gym

Firehouse Santa

He Knows When You're Sleeping

Gym Party

Ice Cream Attack

Winter Sesame Surprise

A Long Photoshoot

Zach's Second First Birthday Party

Zach's First Birthday

A Thundering Herd

Princess Pants

Max's Second Sixth Birthday Party

Peeking into School

Future Grocers of America

Classy Apple Picking

Max's First Sixth Birthday Party

Doug's Spooky Halloween


A Blazing Carousel Birthday

From (A)pple to (Z)ach

Back to the Piano

Flower Taxi Mission

Dalton Sports Day

Dutch Wonderland

Chelsea Piers and Crayola

Riding the Bus

First Days

Snakes and Piano Dancers

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Goodbye Beach, Goodbye Jellies

Up the Lighthouse


Headfirst Slides

Bonus Water Hole

Jellies and Bikes

Sliding Down the Sides

Welcome to our Hole

The Beach!

On the Street

Zach's First Firehouse Visit

Winding Down

Here We Go Again

Just Can't Stay Away

Back to See the Snake

Mr. Smiley

Mesmerized by the Computer

Another Jekyll-Disney Combo Day

Zach's First Haircut

And Again and Again

Sesame Beckons Again

Zach Meets Elmo

Robert Loggia's Got Nothing on Us

Mommy's Not Watching

Back to Mars!

Zach's House of Manners

Taken For a Ride

It Was a Super Day Until the Beef

Have a Disney Day

Jerky Turkey

Rugged Outdoors Baby

It Tastes Like Chicken - Yuck!

Peas are Gross


Picnic Time!

Journey to Michigan

Zach is Sweet on Sweet Potatoes

Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous

Victorian Gardens: We're Back!

Bikes, Scooters and Bubbles

Graduating with Pirates in the Pool

The Horrors of Squash

Sippy Cups are Tricky


Hands On and Ballet Recital

Modeling my Ponytail

Holding my Own on the Couch

Zach Saucer

Grrr! Peaches!


Feeding the Ducks

Zach Devours Apples

Zach Swims!

A School Trip to the Ballet

It was Peary Good

You'd think I was eating turkey

Alyssa's Second Third Birthday Party

Banana Zach

Face Painting

Alyssa's Third Birthday

Alyssa's Third Birthday Party

They Followed us Home!

Solid Food!

Running Away to Join...

Easter: Three Times the Fun

Getting Ready for the Bunny

Annual Car Inspection!

Coming Home
Our New York Car Show Adventure

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Disneyland Finale

Back to Disneyland. Hurray!

More of our First Disneyland Day

Disneyland: Our First Day


Wild Animal Park (not us)

The Science Museum

Museum Day

Can you Guess our Favorite Exhibit?

Sand Dollar Rescue Squad

Planes, Trains and Ostriches

A Blast at the Zoo

Early Morning Beachcombing

Westward Ho

Donut Day

Birthday Party Gymnastics

Laurie Sings to Us

Daddy's Birthday!

We're still looking for the Bunnies

Downhill Racers

More School Snippets

School Snippets

Goofing off with Big Sis

I like the Penalty Box


Swimming Outside...Brrrrrr!

More Skiing

Alyssa and Max Ski!

Birthday Pizza

Chasing the Cameraman