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Botanical Garden Bonanza

Zach's Christmas Roll

Zach's First Christmas Eve

What's that hanging above me?

The King is Holding Court

Night time at the Zoo

Garden House Christmas Party

Firehouse Christmas 2006

Our Christmas Tree

Why Can't I Sit Alone?

Bumpy Head and the Christmas Tree

That's My Monkey

Birthday Ears

Right and Left

Sitting on the Couch


Up Close with Big Sister

Trapped by the Giants

Another Couch Potato

Face to Face to Face

Visitors on the Couch

My Brother and Sister Drag me to a Bath

On My Way Home

The Pit of Dispayre

Alyssa Figures it Out


Our New Addition!

Trick or Elephant Treat

Elephants on Parade

Max and Alyssa in Jail!

Carving our Pumpkins

Max's Fifth Birthday

The Electronic Cat

Max's Second Fifth Birthday Party

Max's First Fifth Birthday Party

Pumpkin Hunting with Doug

A Gym Birthday Party

Apple Picking

Please Touch in Philly

Dutch Wonderland

First Day of School for Two Elephants

Look Out! Pirates!

Happy Birthday Mommy

A Horseshoe Crab Says Goodbye

Playing Indoors on a Rainy Day

Another Round of Rides

A Super Splashy Hole

Evening Beach Walk

Lighthouse Visit

Castle Making and Rides

Beach, Bikes and Rides

Back to the Rides

A Foggy Day Clears Up

Yay! The Beach!

The Zoo: Butterflies and Carousel

The Zoo: Climbing and Hopping

Day 2: Dinner, Meet&Greet and Goodbye

Day 2: Meet&Greet and Dinner

Day 2: Slide, Float, Meet&Greet

Day 2: Breakfast to um...Slide

Day 1: Dessert and Meet&Greet

Day 1: Pool to Dinner

Day 1: Floating, Meet&Greet and Pool

Day 1: Breakfast to Sliding

Back to Sesame!

My New Bike

Exploring a New Play Space

Pool Party

Last Swim Class of the Summer

Sesame 2: Dinner Part 2 and Last Ride

Sesame 2: Dinner Part 1

Sesame 2: Meet & Greet and Waves

Sesame 2: More Slide and Lazy River

Sesame 2: Breakfast to Slide

Sesame 1: Dinner

Sesame 1: Water, Rides and Meet & Greet

Sesame 1: Lots More Sliding

Sesame 1: Breakfast to Slide

Back at Sesame!


Messy Goodness

Swimming - Cruising Along

Scorcher at the Bronx Zoo

We Missed Each Other

Alyssa Always Picks Red...

Stretching out at the Garden

The Wheel. Dun Dun Duhhhh...

Playground Duty (Someone has to do it)

Quit Hamming and Cut my Hair

Zoo Time

A New Playground

Intrepid visit to the Intrepid

Bead Boy

Very Wet

Belly Swinging

Long Run - Longer Pier

Gymnastics and Lost Pictures

Vikings and Race Car Drivers

End of the School Year


Crashing Cars with Glee

Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Even Scarier Face

Beware the Face

T-Shirt Warning Part II

Making Faces with Alyssa

School Picture!

Sand and Swing

Aftermath of Donut-Face Impact

Swing and Sand

Mr. Ferrari Poses on the Street

Alyssa's Second Second Birthday Party

More Eggs and Alyssa's Birthday!

Easter: The Egg Hunt

T-Shirt or Warning Label?

Swimmingly Good Auto Show

Apples and Trees

A Spectacular Birthday Party

A Cut of Christine


Eiffel Tower - Boat Ride

The Science Museum

The Chunnel Train

Zoo - Palace - Harrods

Natural History and Science Museums

Aquarium - Boat Ride- London Eye

Still Traveling - Marble Arch

In the Airport

Dainty Girls Don't Get Buried

Cars, Cars, Cars

A Little Sugar Goes a Long Way

Alyssa Runs Amok

Excuse me, I think you have a mustache


These pictures constitute abuse

Woe is me and Skiing Day 3

Just Skiing Today

Ski and Swim!

School Trip: The Aquarium

Valentine's Day 2006

Snow in the Playground

Alyssa Sleds

Max Skis

Ballet Class

One Sneaky Picture

Running (Where We're Not Supposed To)

Max, Alyssa, Max and Ruby Play

Rare In-School Photos

Max Gets a Medal

Artist and Fighter

In Case You Forgot, I Go to School

Leading the Way

We're So Cool, You'll Get Frostbite

Tell Me Where it Hurts

Flinging Myself into the Pit

Max Skates