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No, Thanks. I'm Growing my Hair Out.

In the Garden of Good and Rocks

Playdate with our Friends

Santa's Probably Sleeping

The Aftermath

Alyssa's First Christmas

A Crust of Bread for Christmas

The Petrified Wood needs to Fear Me Too

Santa's Watching, Right?

Sleeping on the Couch

Cars on the Sidewalk

Something Super Funny


Holiday Party at School!!!

Firezone and the Tree

Christmas at the Firehouse

Sesame!!! (minus the blizzard)

A Slow News Day

Driving to School


I'm sure there's something good up there

I'm funny how, I mean funny, like I'm a clown?

Sitting on a Rail

Swinging in the Cold


Mad cow or not, I'm eating beef

I got a knife and
I'm not afraid to use it

The Firehouse....Oh Yeessssssss

Sugar and More Sugar

A Little Ham on Thanksgiving

I have a Lolly, and Alyssa Doesn't

The Big Bad Scary Wall

Canon vs. Nikon: The Taste Test

If this is Chicken, Give me a Veggie Burger

Plotting the Great Escape

Who's Behind Veil #2

I'm Flying

Playing, Outside and In.

Sweet Peas? More Like Sweat Peas

I Can't Move in this Thing

Excuse me. There's a Pink Marshmallow on the Floor.

Wait!!! That's not Pizza!

Gnawing on a Drumstick

Inhaling my Green Beans


A Painting Party

Lei'ing Around in the Playroom

Chewing Stuff Makes you Tired

Reading at School

You Don't Know What You're Missing

Quit Hamming Around and Get Me Out of this Chair!

Halloween with a Scary Skeleton and a Dainty Ladybug

Our Jack o' Lantern and Costume Party

Painting a Pumpkin

Halloween Party at School!

Driving and Drinking

Fun with Shaving Cream

In the Playroom

Max's Third Third Birthday Party

Hey, Turn the Camera Back On.

Jumping for Joy

Max's Third Birthday and Max's Second Third Birthday Party

Shaggy No More!

Playground Swings for Two

Squash is Yucky!

Drummin' and Dancin'

The Wrong Side of the Finger

Presents, School, Playground, Fun

Max's First Third Birthday Party

Hi, Vote for Me

Upstairs Playroom

Surrounded by Bubbles

Pizza, Crust First

Hey What's This Green Stuff?

A Birthday Party (Not Mine)

Where are all the pictures?

Swinging while Max is in School

Bundled Up

Multi-Locational Cuteness

Pink Girl on a Brown Chair

Another Driveby

Alyssa Eats Pizza

A Happy Lavender Cloud

Taking Turns at the Playground

Pumpkin Hunting with Doug



Quit Hogging my Pictures

Where's the Rest of the Sand?

Only You Can Stop the Madness

All Right. I'll Go Three Times.

Wait! I Have to Go Back?!!!

School !!!!!

Alyssa's First Swim at the YMCA

Safari Party

Free as a Bird

A Mellow Day at Home

Alyssa Tries Apples

Maybe Solid Food Isn't So Good


The Great Tidal Pool

Polka-Dot Boy Visits the Pool

Princesses Don't Dig

Crabs and Big Waves

Pool Day!

A Deep Hole

Hello Beach

Sesame, Day 3; More Dinner and Goodbyes

Sesame, Day 3; A Show and Dinner

Sesame, Day 3; Parade and Afternoon Water Fun

Sesame, Day 3; Early Morning Water and Trains

Sesame, Day 3; Breakfast

Sesame, Day 2; Dinner and the Late Meet -n- Greet

Sesame, Day 2; Afternoon Water Fun

Sesame, Day 2; Rides and Early Meet -n- Greet

Sesame, Day 2; Early Morning

Sesame, Day 1; Late Afternoon

Sesame, Day 1; Mid-Morning to Mid Afternoon

Sesame, Day 1; Early Morning

Swinging in my Sun Bonnet

Tasty Pasty

Why Are They Feeding Me Paste?

It Only Looks Like I'm Stationary

Don't Doze, Pose!

Pity the Poor Bubble Boy

Thinking Deep Thoughts

Alyssa's Aquatic Debut

Bravery in the Sky

Riding my Giraffe

You Miss a Lot When you Nap

Alyssa Swings!

Help Alyssa! It's Quicksand!

A Tough Rough Day


Alyssa Eats Fish and Frogs

It Must be Sunday, 'Cause I'm in the Pool

Christine Takes Another Whack

Why, Hello, Mr. Snail.

I amuse you? What? Like a Clown?

Pool, Cool. In the Pool, I'm Cool.

It's Scary Sitting Up by Myself

Something to Shout About

Miss Smiley

Enough Laying Around. Snap to Attention!

A Slow Day

The Max in the Hat

Starting to Get Airborne

Stop! Enough Pics for the Week

In the Wading Pool

Many Moods of Miss Alyssa

Return of the Bouncer

Why do These "New" Toys Have Teethmarks?


Dry and Wet

Happy Independence Day

Sesame! Day 2; Dinner and Speedplay

Sesame! Day 2; Late Afternoon Meet & Greet

Sesame! Day 2; The Afternoon

Sesame! Day 2; Pre-Lunch

Sesame! Day 1; Meet & Greet and The Parade

Sesame! Day 1; Dinner

Sesame! Day 1; The Afternoon

Sesame! Day 1; Pre-Lunch

The Magic Glasses Part Deux

Chicks Dig Glasses

Playing While Sleeping Beauty Rests

My Shirt is Your Only Warning

Another Great Sunday

Max's Spelling Book

In the Pit

The Bestest Toy in the World

Daddy, what's a "Harem"?

Chicken Fight!!!!

The Cat in the Hat

What is This Thing?

If They Make it, I Can Drive it.

Alyssa's Tale

A Super Special Art Class

The Fine Line Between Choke and Hug

Down the Chute


Sandy, the Adjective

A Quiet Micro-second

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man

I Fought the Ball

Boxed In

Attack of the Cats

Sitting Up?

I'm on my Belly

The Goofy Black Swing Seat

The Worm

Conquering the Scary Ladder


Is it Legal...

Snack Break

Still Looking

Where'd she go?

Practicing my Expressions

Best Buds

Zoo Police!

Playground Pounce

I Take Coloring Very Seriously

Pink and Blue

Swinging Right and Left

Sprinkle Sprinkle Ice Cream!

More Couch Potatoes

Whispering Secrets

Gym, Playground and a little Hugging, Too

I Like Sharing

Sneaking a Peek


Happy Park Day

Let Me Help You with That Swing


Max's New Shades

The Hills are Alive

Waving Hello

Totally Tubular

Trying out a Smile

Swimming and Stuff

So THIS is What Happens...

I Can Play Enough for Both of Us

All Alyssa, All the time

Cuteness Wars: Part II

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Anything you can do...

The Talk

My First Full Day

Hi. My Name is Alyssa

Calm Before the Storm

What's a Little Dye Among Friends

Easter Poolfest

Eggs Eggs Eggs

At a Birthday Party

A Really Good Friday

It's Finally Warm!

Seaworld, Here I Come.

Pool and Playground

Full Frontal Playground

A Very Bright Day

How do you see in these things?

Ring! Ring!

Sidewalk Chalk Confrontations

Why Swim When you can Ride?

Firetrucks and Trains

Hands off my Bunnies!

Happy with Just a Beanbag

The Yellow Hedgehog Ball

Christine vs Mullethead IV

You'd Clap too...

Excuse me Waiter...

In Like a Lamb...

Attack of the Powdered Doughnut

Swing, Swing a Song....

Must be Something in the Water

I'm Such a Good Boy

Whoops, I Forgot

I Got the Whole World

You Don't Believe me?

Hamming it Up

Only Two Pictures?

Is the Camera Broken?

At the Children's Museum

Fearless. That's me.

Jim Klas

Swimming on my Back

The Secret Playroom

Cold Schmold. It's Warm in Here!

Gene Simmons Meets Georges Seurat

Back to the Grind!