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Playground Holiday

It's Christmas!

Christmas Eve!!!

Christine Strikes Again!

Return to the Pool

Circle in the Square

Paint. For Silky Smooth Hands.

Party at the Firehouse


Scarfing Down in Gym Class

The Perfect Storm

Paint, Gym, Nap, Slide

The Kissing Bandit Rides a Motorcycle

CrAzY Gym Class!

Max Visits a Firehouse

Oscar's in the Park

Art at its Finest

Swim Class LIV

Halloween at the Museum

A Halloween Party in Art Class

Watching the Game with my Buddies

Le Artiste

Starting out my Third Year

It's my Birthday!

Birthday Playdate

Swim Class LII and the Turtle Back Zoo

Big Boy Gym Class

Snack Time

Swim Class LI

Playground then Gym Class

Swim Class LV and Pumpkins

More Leaves and Gym Class

The Great Leaf Collector

Swim Class XLIX

Avert Your Eyes

Looking Swarthy

What's Mine is Mine

Swim Class XLVIII

Pushing Around my Tricycle

Swim Class XLVII

I am a Fireman

Renaissance Baby

Oscar's Running Rampant

A Super Jam Packed Day

A Long Walk

Coney Island and The Bronx Zoo

In the Jungle Park

Swim Class XLVI

Big Boy Gym Class 16

Sesame Place II: Day 2

Sesame Place II: Day 2

Sesame Place II: Day 2

Sesame Place II: Day 1

What I Did During the Blackout

Swim Class XLIV

Swim Class XLV

Paint is Yummy!

Swim Class XLIV

Big Boy Gym Class 13

More Playground Splash

Playground Splash

Swim Class XLIII

Early Morning Bubble Fun

Cooling off on a Hot Day

Swim Class XLII

Big Boy Gym Class 11

Swim Class XLI

Swim Class XL

Big Boy Gym Class 8

Sesame Place: Day 3, Part 2

Sesame Place: Day 3, Part 1

Sesame Place: Day 2, Part 2

Sesame Place: Day 2, Part 1

Sesame Place: Day 1, Part 2

Sesame Place: Day 1, Part 1

Big Boy Gym Class 7

Swim Class XXXIX

Swinging Like a Madman

Big Boy Gym Class 6

Swim Class XXXVIII

Wearing Stripes to the Park

Big Boy Gym Class 5

Swim Class XXXVII

Sliding in the Playground

Get Away >Swim Class XXXVI

Big Boy Gym Class 4

Flopping Around

Get Away >From Me, Delilah!

Swim Class XXXV

Phew That's Better

Only Three?

Big Boy Gym Class 3

Swim Class XXXIV

Running Amok in the Park

One Hand Clapping and a Play Date

Big Boy Gym Class 2

Heartbreaker in the Playground

Swim Class XXXIII

Ball Pit Madness!

Get Thee to a Playgroundery

Drinking in the Playground

Orange You Glad to Know Me?

Big Boy Gym Class 1

The Cattle Car Playground

Swim Class XXXII

Gym Class XLVI

Gym Class XLV

Happy Easter to My Animal Buddies

Swim Class XXXI

A Quick Playground Visit

Gym Class XLIV

Who is this Iris?

Gym Class XLIII

Swim Class XXX

Max is the Fire Chief

Gym Class XLII

Gym Class XLI

The Paper Towel has Displeased Me

Gym Class XL

Gym Class XXXIX

Swim Class XXIX

A New Playground

Sneaky Sneaky


A Swing a Day

Gym Class XXXVII

So Many Playgrounds

Swim Class XXVIII

Finding the Last Puddle

Gym Class XXXV

A Hard and Busy Day

Gym Class XXXIV

Target: Puddle

Swim Class XXVII

Max the Explorer: Chapter 4

Max the Explorer: Chapter 3

Gym Class XXXIV

Gym Class XXXIII

Max the Explorer: Chapter 2

Max the Explorer: Chapter 1

Swim Class XXVI

Gym Class XXXII

Gym Class XXXI

Swim Class XXV

Crazy Striped Socks

Gym Class XXX

Swim Class XXIV

The Swings are All MINE!!

Gym Class XXVIII

A Yummy Dinner

Swim Class XXIII

Gym Class XXVII

Gym Class XXVI

Swim Class XXII

Gym Class XXV

Swim Class XXI

Gym Class XXIII

Gym Class XXII

Tasty String Cheese

Swim Class XX

Gym Class XXI

Gym Class XX

Swim Class XIX

Gym Class XIX

Gym Class XVIII

Swim Class XVIII

Freeze Dried Swinging

Gym Class XVII

Gym Class XVI

Swim Class XVII

I Get My Hair Cut