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End of the Year Swing!

Swim Class XVI

It's Christmas, It's Christmas

Christmas Eve 2002

Getting Ready for X-Mas

Swim Class XV

Gym Class XV

Swim Class XIV

Posing for my Public

Gym Class XIV

Swim Class XIII

Gym Class XIII

Gym Class XII

Swim Class XI

Yay! Global Warming!

Gym Class XI

No More Flyaway Hair

Swim Class X

Swinging in the Cold

Gym Class X: My Bad Hair Day

Swim Class IX

Gym Class IX

Swim Class VIII

Halloween: Very Very Spooky

Gym Class VIII


Swimming, Cake and Presents

Its a Very Special Day

Gym Class VII and Swings

My New Gangsta Hat

The Natural History Museum

Post Zoo Swinging

The Bronx Zoo!

Carousel, Zoo, Swings. I'm a busy boy.

Swim Class VI and the Aftermath

Still Swinging

Gym Class VI

The Cold Won't Stop ME from Swinging!

Swim Class V

Gym Class V and Swings

Quick Fun in the Park

Riding a Pony

Dear Mr. Nomar Garciaparra

Swinging on a Saturday

Swim Class IV

Gym Class IV and More

Pre-Class Playtime

A Busy Busy Day

Sweatshirts Make me Sleepy

Fun on the Merry-Go-Round

Swim Class III

Swingin' Mighty Fast

Gym Class III

Chewing on Stuff at Home

Chewing on Stuff in the Park


I Love the Park

Gym Class Part II


Gym Class!!!

My Crisp White Shirt

I'm a Kissing Bandit

Yankees Rule, Red Sox Drool


Is This a Ball or a Hedgehog?

Look Mommy, No Hands

In the Spotlight

Up Close and Personal

The Long Journey Home

In the Hotel

The Grand Expedition

Park Park Park Park

Another Fine Day in the Park

More Play (and Reading) Time

Play Time

Reading Time

Chomp! Chomp!

Once More, With Feeling

In the Park, Of Course

In the Park Again

My First Picnic in the Park

It's Too Hot


Play the Match Game


Max's Many Faces

Like my Shorts?

Did You Miss Me?

The Return of the Swing

Mr. Polar Bear Shirt

Pretending to by Shy

Back to Solids

Stripes are In

Dear Gerber

The Zoo!!!

My Frying Pan

Another Happy Day on the Mat

The Camera Strap is my Friend

Chicken Noodle Fiasco

Close-Up Time

All Smiles

My Bright Red Zebra Shirt

I Pretend That I'm a Fish

Lost Pictures and a Surprise

One Vote for Toe Flavored Baby Food

Looking Mean, Cute, Shy, Happy, Sneaky and Tired

Ready to Pounce

It's A Yellow Shirt Day

Being Silly

Brushing my Teeth (and Much More)

Playing with my Toes

The Yankees are Great, the Mets Smell

Beef Tastes Goooood

Playing in the Big Brown Chair


I Push Myself to a Sitting Position

Max Plays Peek-A-Boo

The Discovery Ball Strikes Again

Mat Time

Hello to Mr. Ducky


Camera Straps are Tasty

I Try Seafood

Rattles and More

My Favoritest Orange Cup

Ring Toss

Weekend Fun

I Chew Everything in Sight

Playing on My Mat

Magic Show

I Play, I Eat

Green Beans are Yucky

My Expedition

My Jogger

My Orange Tube


Home with Daddy

Ducky Conversation

Ducky Shirt

Dark Jedi

Sweet Potatoes

A Rainy Monday

Mother's Day







On My Mat

My Red Polka Dotted Cup

Carrots Are Tasty

Fun in my Saucer

I Just Woke Up

It's My Six Month Birthday Part 4

It's My Six Month Birthday Part 3

It's My Six Month Birthday Part 2

It's My Six Month Birthday Part 1

The Merry-Go-Round!

Two Bunnies

Happy Easter!

A Super Weekend

My 5 Month Birthday

St. Patrick's Day

A Lazy Saturday

My Walk

My New Red Shirt

Mish Mash

Solid Food

My New Mouse

Swing Swing

Batman Visits

Facial Expressions

Picture Happy

More Bouncy Bouncy


Max vs. Evil Dr. Otter Bear II

Bouncy Bouncy

Playing with my Foot Finders


Max vs. Evil Dr. Otter Bear

In my Blue Sweatsuit

My New Playbug

More Paratrooper Training

More Time in a Flying Saucer

Paratrooper Training

In a Flying Saucer

A Walk in Central Park

Alphabet Mat


Max vs. Evil Dr. Otter Bear

Training to be a Couch Potato

Playing in the Big Bed

Mr. Alligator Visits Again!

Babysitting Baby Hippo

My Butterfly

Surrounded by Otter Bear

In my Cocoon

Under my Mobile Again

On my Side

My Grasshopper

Tummy Time!

My Giraffe

Playing with the Sassy Bugs

Tongue Time

More Yummy Eats

Sitting up

Mr. Leopard Visits

New Year's Day