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My office was set up to protect the interests of the majority of babies whose self esteem Adorably Cuties like you TWO threaten on a daily basis. I am issuing notice that the self esteem of most babies are on RED alert and you are SO ORDERED to cease and desist showing the world how CUTE CUTE CUTE you both are. There will be a Cuteness License Bureau set up in the early months of this new year, and you will be required to apply for a License to publicly display your adorableness when there are other babies and toddlers in the vicinity. The fee will be based on a sliding scale. Once again, you become fugitives of justice for the less worthy babies in the world--that is, 99.99% of the babies in the world. Please present yourselves at my office by end of business today with your attorney! </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Paul Devid <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:chrono_netu@yahoo.com"><i>chrono_netu@yahoo.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://bz.jino-net.ru">http://bz.jino-net.ru</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Dec 4, 2005 07:59 PST <br><b>Location:</b> USA <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Great work Thanks </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Lori Lupo (aka Abbatemarco) <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Jan 19, 2005 11:31 PST <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hi Max! I have just went thru your most recent pictures and cannot believe how big you have gotten!! You are adorable. That little sister of yours is also beautiful. I am glad to see you play together and share all of your toys. Say hello to mom and dad for me! Talk to you soon. Lori </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Genevieve and Frederick <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Oct 23, 2004 7:59 p.m. PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Max and Alyssa -- we couldn't go to Max's party, but we want to see pictures! We hope you had a great birthday and a really fun party. By the way, our whole family has been looking at your website and we all agree that it's too bad that you live so far away. Otherwise, between the 4 of us some sort of cuteness critical mass would be achieved and we could provide enough energy for the entire East Coast with our collective smiles. Or something like that. Love, Genevieve and Frederick </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Joan Chakonas-The MInister of Cuteness Regulation <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:joan@mail.ivillage.com"><i>joan@mail.ivillage.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Oct 19, 2004 06:52 PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> I just wanted to remind you that Max's license to kill with cuteness has expired and must be renewed. Also, we are still waiting for Alyssa's application for the same license. We note from her recent photos that her hair may tend toward blond, which will require an additional $35 excess cuteness fee. Since Max's cuteness has increased beyond the allowed allotment, we will require a surcharge of $22.50 for the past four quarters plus interest and penalties of $43.65. We also note with alacrity that there are several photos in public areas, and this display of outrageous untaxed adorableness will no doubt upset and dismay the majority of babies who do not come near your levels of cute cute cute too cute. Therefore, we have no choice but to ask you to report to the Ministry immediately for temporary detention until your licenses have been processed, all fees updated, and a map of allowed public display locations (many in old folks homes, libraries, opera houses, movie houses, museums, etc.) are generated so as not to depress the many babies who are NOT AS CUTE as you two!! Sincerely, Joan Chakonas Senior Minister of Cuteness Regulation </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Tim <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Sep 15, 2004 12:27 p.m. PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> What beach is that? Also, wasn't it cold that day? It looks cloudy in the pictures. </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Jennifer Bell <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:jsbell4@comcast.net"><i>jsbell4@comcast.net</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Aug 17, 2004 6:37 p.m. PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hi guys, I hope you made it home safe. I am so glad I got to see everybody before you left. Max you are the coolest little guy I know. Alyssa you are a pretty girl. Have fun at the beach. Love, Jen </blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> ed and samantha <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Apr 18, 2004 3:43 p.m. PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> First off, we must apologize. We know that this is Max's website and that other subjects are verboten - or should be. However, if that picture we see is of Max's baby sister Alyssa, we are afraid that she will need the services of Max's defense attorney in fact. Don't know how the charges against Max were resolved, but I think another case is looming. Hopefully Alyssa will cooperate in her defense more than Max did. I would also suggest that when the case Alyssa does get settled, it be so with prejudice - to avoid other similar proceedings throughout her life. All the best to the Fan family! </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max and Alyssa's Reply</b> <blockquote>The great thing about the internet and webpages is that with a flick of a finger, we can command our web-programming serfs to change history. With just a flick of a finger, our serf was commanded to spend hours changing this site to be a site for both of us. Imagine the fun we're going to have now that we have doubled the number of fingers that we have.<br><br>By the way, although it was uplifting that at least half your family wrote to us, it was very upsetting that the rest of your family did not also choose to write. </font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Timothy Lin (cousin) <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Apr 6, 2004 10:25 PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hey Max. I'm just curious, how did you make your website. What did you use? Visit my homepage (though it's not as good as yours): http://www.geocities.com/newjerseydevils9500/index.html?1081113771450 </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max and Alyssa's Reply</b> <blockquote>Like any good CEO or commanding officer, we don't really get involved in the nitty gritty of the website design. Don't be mistaken, however, we do have an active role in the website other than being its main subjects. There are many a time that we fall exhausted after countless "Make it so" "Let it be thus" pronouncements. It's hard, but we persevere so you, the reader, can get up to date news on yours truly.<br><br>Although we don't like getting involved, we did ask the coding peon what he uses, and he said that he codes the site by hand so that he can maintain the greatest flexibility in how the site looks.</font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Rudy Kirby <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:tk_ohcrumbs@hotmail.com"><i>tk_ohcrumbs@hotmail.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Mar 30, 2004 2:48 p.m. PST <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hi Max, We just wanted to say "HI" and that we really enjoyed seeing your pictures. And your website is fabulous. Thanks for inviting us in. Theresa & Rudy :) </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max and Alyssa's Reply</b> <blockquote> Thank you, Rudy. </font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Cousin Katie <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Oct 30, 2003 1:47 p.m. PST <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Dear Max, What cool toys you have! Thanks for having a special cake for me because of my allergies and for having that yummy pizza. When are you coming to visit me and see my toys? Love Katie </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b> <blockquote>Thank you! I'm sure you know how it is, managing the acquisition of toys to maximize yield and quality. Hard work, for sure. I think I've got a pretty good system, but we should compare notes one day. The special cake and the pizza were nothing. The procurement arm of my empire was more than happy to get those things for you.</font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> A Cow <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Oct 26, 2003 5:41 p.m. PST <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hi Max, it's been awhile since I've been on here to see you. I've just managed to escape from protective custody, Otto Bear was after me so I had to go into the Witness Protection Program. He's really mean that Otto Bear, can you please tell him to be nice to me? Thanks :o) MOOOOO!! </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max and Alyssa's Reply</b> <blockquote> Well he's probably very angry at you because you insist on calling him Otto Bear when his name is Otter Bear. You are not alone in that mistake although I can't figure out why. It's very simple, Otter Bear is a Bear that is long like an otter. Otter.....Bear......Otter Bear. I'd go back into hiding, however, because Otter Bear has a new friend, Otter Moose, who is preemptively going to give a good drubbing to those who call Otter Bear, "Otto Bear".</font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br><b>Name:</b> Cousin Allie <br><b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br><b>Date:</b> Oct 19, 2003 11:26 PDT <br><b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br><br><b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hi great leaf collector, Come to our house to complete your leaf collection. What are you going to do with the pumpkins? Love Allie </blockquote> <font color="red"><b>Max Reply</b> <blockquote> Believe it or not, one of my pumpkins is still doing quite well. The other ones have kinda disintegrated, but hey you gotta respect 7 months for a pumpkin.<br><br>As to my leaf collection. As with any true collector, my collection can never be complete. There will always be the bigger, redder, orangier or crunchier leaf.</font></blockquote> <hr noshade width="80%"> <br> <b>Name:</b> Max's Defense Attorney in Fact, Joan <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Aug 27, 2003 08:52 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Max, it's great that you've been having so much fun, just great, however young man, your trial date is on the docket for Wednesday, Sept. 17 on those charges of Excessive Public Cuteness. Now these pictures at Sesame Place have fallen into the hands of the prosecutors and have been entered as evidence in the states case against you. I just don't see how I can possibly find an impartial juror who could honestly vote "not guilty" in light of this. Your unwillingness to participate in your defense has left me with no option but to suggest that we settle. I suggest you plead guilty to "Public Cuteness in the third degree", which will entail wearing a mask for three months, or some jail time, probably a month in Riker's. I would appreciate a reply back, that is, if it doesn't interfere too greatly with your pool and play time in PUBLIC places. Your depressed attorney in fact, Joney Baloney<br> <br> </blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font><br> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Uh, oh. I guess I was too busy dealing with the Cow and the Horse and I missed my date. Am I in trouble now? I am trying to be less cute, but it's not working. I suggest we go for an all woman jury. Just give me 10 minutes with them and I think I'll be able to get not only "Not Guilty," but also get damages for Wrongful Prosecution.</font></font></blockquote> </font></font></font></font></font></font></font> <blockquote><br> </blockquote> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <br> <b>Name:</b> A Cow <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Aug 19, 2003 04:08 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> <blockquote> Hello Max! I'm sad that you don't believe that I'm really a cow. Cows have feelings too you know :( As for your riddle, everyone knows that when you write 'Cow' it's not just "Moo Mooo" etc. You can't write the Cow language phonetically. So having said that, I can't crack your riddle because it's just plain wrong :) Have a nice day!<br> <br> <br> </blockquote> <font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font><br> <blockquote><font color="blue"><font color="red">Wrong? I'm never wrong. You and the "Horse" may have gotten me into trouble. I think 'm going to have to sic my attorney on you (and Otter Bear). I suggest you stay away from any blind alleys.</font></font><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font><br> </blockquote> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <b>Name:</b> A Horse <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jul 29, 2003 4:12 p.m. PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">MOOOOOOOOO MAX!! I'm not really a mean or disturbed horsey and I'm really smart too. Let me tell you my story, it goes like this: When I was a little foal I got lost and couldn't find my mummy and a nice cow family took me in. I love my cow family and have learnt their language and can now talk cow real good. So you see I wouldn't be mean to your new cow friend because cows are the best people. I saw that your cow friend had posted here and thought if that cow liked you Max, then you must be a great kid :)<br> <br> <br> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b></font></font></font></font></font></font></font><br> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Again, very coincidental that you would post so quickly after the message allegedly posted by Mr. New Cow Friend. All I can say is we'll see if the one below is really posted by Mr. New Cow Friend or by you, Mr. Horse. By the way, I'm not really buying you're story. I think you are really just a New Zealand Horse. Nuff Said.</font></font></blockquote> </font></font></font></font></font> <blockquote><br> </blockquote> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> A Cow <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jul 29, 2003 4:08 p.m. PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">MOOOOOOO!! I think I must be a new cow friend. Unless I'm getting really old and don't remember jumping over the moon or being in someone's tummy. Old MacDonald's farm would've been a nice farm, I could've had fun with other cow friends. But I think I might be the cow that Jack sold for beans, am I? Oh and be nice to the Horsey, it's really a good Horsey. I like Horseys :) MOOOOOOO!!<br> <br> </font><font color="#00ff01"> <blockquote><font color="blue"><br> </font></blockquote> </font></blockquote> <font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b></font></font></font></font></font><br> <font color="#00ff01"> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Hmmmm...How do I know you're not the really the mean horse pretending to be the new cow friend? Seems a bit too convenient that you begin and end your statement with "MOOOOO"s, almost as if you're trying to convince me that you really are a cow. If you are a cow, answer this riddle: Moo Moo Mooo Moo Mooo Moo Moo. Moo Moo Mooo MooMoo Moo Moo. Moo Moo Mooooo?</font></font></blockquote> </font></font></font> <blockquote><br> </blockquote> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> ViCtOrIa <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jul 29, 2003 11:01 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">hEy tHeRe bIg bOY! i ThInK YoUr A bEtTeR sWiMmEr ThEn YoUr OlD PoPs NoW! lOoK aT yOu Go. WhAt A tImE yOuR hAvInG iN tHe PaRk ToO, sOoN yOu'Ll hAvE tO hElP yOuR dAd Up ThE sTaIrS. jUsT kIdDeN, hAvE fUn In ThE sUn :)<br> <br> <br> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"><font color="blue"><font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b></font></font></font></font><br> <font color="blue"><font color="#00ff01"> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">My parents told me not to speak to strange people (or was that "don't speak to strangers"). Either way, a piece of advice, lay off the rock.</font></font></blockquote> </font></font> <blockquote><br> </blockquote> <br> <br> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> A Horse <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jul 21, 2003 08:23 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">MOOOOOOOOO </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Horses say "Neigh" not "Moo". I've thought about this and I think that at best you are quite slow and most likely you are very mean or disturbed (or both).<br> <br> Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you are nice, but not that bright, let me say again....Horses...say...."Neigh"....not.... "Moo". I hope I talked slowly enough for you because unless you start to say "Neigh" you probably won't make any horse friends and cows won't like you either.<br> <br> I think, however, that it is more likely that you are either (a) making fun of Mr. New Cow Friend who posted below or (b) trying to confuse me into thinking that horses say "Moo." If it is the former, you are really really mean. You are probably pushing Mr. New Cow Friend back into his shell making him even more shy. If its the latter, dude, that's messed up. I am a little kid and if I didn't already know that cows say "Moo" and horses say "Neigh", I could have been scarred for life. Again, I hope you feel bad, but you probably are either too mean to feel bad or too slow to realize what you're doing is wrong.</font></font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> A Cow <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jul 19, 2003 9:56 p.m. PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">MOOOOOOO </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Hello Mr. Cow. Are you a new cow friend or one that I've read about in the past? I thought about several alternatives about who you could be, but none of them made sense so I think you are a new cow friend.<br> <br> First, I thought you were the cow who jumped over the moon. Given the vacuum that such cow encountered during its feat and the very probable explosive decompression that followed, it was doubtful that you were that cow since you are still "Moo"ing. Next, I thought that you could be the cow in the Old Lady and Spider song, but that couldn't be because you clearly said "Moo" and didn't sound like you were in someone's tummy. Another guess was that you were Old McDonald's cow. The probability of that one was low because (a) you only did one "Moo" rather than a "Moo Moo" here, a "Moo Moo" there, everywhere a "Moo Moo" and (b) I'm not sure how long cows last on Old McDonald's farm. Given all of that, I guess you are a new cow friend and a shy one at that. Hello, Mr. New Cow Friend. Pleased to make your acquaintance.</font> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> Aunt Renee <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jun 3, 2003 12:06 p.m. PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">Hi max! I really like your new cool fishy swim trunks. They look super cool on you. I have a big swimming pool in my yard, you could bring you and your super cool swim trunks over any time.( I know it would be a really long trip just for swimming) I also like your new web site very much. I am with you on the "where's your hands and feet" questions. What's up with that? I'll talk to you soon. Love Aunt Renee </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Thank you about the swim trunks. I haven't decided whether I like them yet. They are still a little loose on me and when I get thrown into the air or jump into the pool repeatedly, I have to keep on adjusting them. With respect to the hands and feet questions, like I said, those of us who know where their hands and feet are just have to be extra sensitive when we're talking to someone who doesn't. I'm sure that they don't want to draw attention to the fact that they don't know. </font> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> Aunt Lily <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jun 3, 2003 08:32 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">Hey Max: Where is the real insider story about you in the FAQ? What is your favorite color? What toy do you play with most of the time? What toy do you have your eye on? Is Cookie Monster still in with you or is he on the outs already? You don't want to end up with a box of Mac and Cheese next time I see you, or do you? </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">I have added other sections to my FAQ covering my favorite color and my favorite toy. I don't really have my eye on any toys, although I would really like an accordian bus ($400,000), a dump truck (off-highway kind $90,000), or a cement mixer ($70,000). I trust you will have one if not all of those when next I see you. You have also alerted me to a generality in my FAQ that could lead to problems. I have changed it. The only Mac and Cheese that I will eat comes from Beechnut. It is called Tabletime Mac and Cheese. My servants have tried to foist other inferior brands on me. My discriminating palate, however, cannot take the weak offerings from "Kraft" or "Cheeserifics" or whatever. </font> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> Snooogans <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Jun 2, 2003 08:27 PDT <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">Hi Max, Love the new website, you did an awesome job! :) 100% better than that good for nothing father of yours could have done I bet :) Luv Snooogans </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">While I must admit that my coding skills, even at this early age, far outstrip those of my serv...I mean parents, I am also a firm believer in the adage "Those in glass houses should not throw stones." I have been waiting for your site to go live with more than a first page. Is it coming? You could put lots of pictures on it just like mine. If you need help, let me know.</font> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font> <hr noshade="noshade" width="80%"> <font color="blue"><br> <b>Name:</b> Joan Chakonas <br> <b>Email:</b> <a href="mailto:maxfriend@max-fan.com"><i>maxfriend@max-fan.com</i></a> <br> <b>Website:</b> <a href="http://max-fan.com">http://max-fan.com</a> <br> <b>Date:</b> Mar 10, 2003 08:18 PST <br> <b>Location:</b> MaxTown <br> <br> <b>Comments:</b> </font> <blockquote> <font color="blue">Max, I have been successful in getting your preliminary hearing delayed three times for the charges brought against you of "Excessive Cuteness" and "Cuteness that Stops Traffic" and "Cuteness that Threatens National Security"--but if you keep posting pictures that continue to flaunt your GROWING cuteness, I'm not sure that I can continue to represent you. I need some help here, Max. And you are starting to resemble your lovely mother in more and more of the pictures, which I fear may invite Federal Charges for Crossing the Boundaries of Acceptable Adorableness. Please. It is time for a sit down. </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"> <br> <br> <font color="red"><b>Max's Reply</b><br> <br> </font></font> <blockquote> <font color="blue"><font color="red">Joan, you don't have to worry about this. I have it all planned out. Pretend that you are one of these misguided people and that you have come to serve me with the subpoena.... <br> <br> I'll flash this face at you<br> <br> </font></font> <center> <font color="blue"><font color="red"><img src="100_0082_JFRL.html" height="250" width="375"> <br> <br> </font></font></center> <font color="blue"><font color="red">See? Aren't you scared? And if you haven't run off and are persisting, I'll use this face:<br> <br> </font></font> <center> <font color="blue"><font color="red"><img src="183-8362_CRWL.html" height="250" width="375"> <br> <br> </font></font></center> <font color="blue"><font color="red">And while you are in tears because you are so mean, I will scurry away. </font> </font></blockquote> <font color="blue"><br> <br> <br> </font>